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What is The North Face Peak2Park?

The North Face Peak2Park Virtual Competition invites competitors everywhere on the mountain from anywhere in North America and Europe to showcase their skills and compete through a virtual competition. Whether you prefer to ski in the Park and Pipe Open Series (PPOS), or hit big mountain features on your skis or snowboard in the new All Mountain Open Series (AMOS), now is the time to start filming. Film your best clips, splice them together, and submit your edit for a chance to win part of the prize purse valued at $65,000. NEW! The King and Queen of the Mountain Award presented by CLIF Bar honors the best all-around skier who can go big in the park, while also throwing down on off-piste.

If you have been looking for an outlet to showcase your skills all over the mountain, this is the contest for you. Head to the hill and start flipping off cliffs, sending gaps and spinning off side hits, and enter the All Mountain Open Series. Film five to seven clips, splice them together, and submit it for a chance to win part of a massive prize purse. Imagine your dream line and landing tricks—one right after the other—down a huge mountain...this contest will help you create it virtually. Don’t waste any more time, it’s time to send it.

Go out with your friends and film yourself hitting that trick you've only dreamed about. Splice it together with your other awesome clips, and boom, you've entered the 2017 PPOS virtual comp. With a massive prize purse on the line for park and pipe athletes, this is your chance to win big and show the world who you are. It’s free to enter, so don’t procrastinate. The time is now.

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