08th November Athlete Registration Opens
05th January Video Submission Window Open
02nd March PPOS Halfpipe/ Big Air Public Voting Submissions Due
03rd March PPOS Halfpipe/ Big Air Public Voting Begins
12th March PPOS Halfpipe/ Big Air Public Voting Ends
13th March PPOS Halfpipe/ Big Air Judging
14th March PPOS Halfpipe/ Big Air Winner Selection


08th November Athlete Registration Opens
05th January Video Submission Window Open
09th March PPOS Slopestyle Submissions Due
10th March PPOS Slopestyle Public Voting Begins
19th March PPOS Slopestyle Public Voting Ends
20th March PPOS Slopestyle Judging
21st March PPOS Slopestyle Winner Selection


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Format & Rules

Here’s your chance to show off your dream line chock-full of the best tricks you can link together. Pay attention, this is your go-to page for competition format and rules. Read up and best of luck.

After the video submission window has closed, the competition begins with a round of public voting. The top 20 videos from each category with the most votes will move into finals. If there was a standout performance that didn’t get a ton of votes, judges have a Wild Card choice for each voting round (one per category).

During Finals, judges will analyze the entries similar to a competition run and assign an overall impression score of 1-100. PPOS judges will evaluate athletes on progression, amplitude, variety, execution, and trick difficulty. The final score will determine overall winners.

Things to know:

  • There are men’s and women’s divisions for each discipline. Open and Junior (under 15) divisions are available for each discipline. Athletes must chose one division for each discipline.
  • Helmets ARE RECOMMENDED for all athletes.
  • Videos cannot exceed 180 seconds
  • Videos may be edited by including video clips of complete tricks stitched together to form an athlete’s dream run. Create the illusion of your best continuous big mountain line.
  • Each trick video-clip must include the start, execution and landing of the maneuver.
  • In between each trick video-clip, athletes must maintain the same riding direction (switch or forward).
  • Athletes must identify themselves at the beginning of the edit mentioning their name and unique ID. This may be noted as audio or as a graphic.
  • Submission must include the bumper graphics available for download on peak2park.com. click HERE for video intro and outro.
  • Music can only be used if it has been licensed and downloaded from peak2park.com. For music click HERE.
  • Footage from other competitions will not be accepted. Competition training footage is satisfactory.

If you have additional questions, email jon@peak2park.com

Competitor Conduct

No one likes rules, but we’re not asking much. Hey, this is supposed to be fun after all. Just use your brain: be safe; make good decisions; keep the language clean; and don’t be a dummy, wear a helmet (it’s mandatory). Most importantly, have fun.

Things to know:

  • The North Face PPOS will regulate and enforce certain standards of competition, rules and codes of conduct. We reserve the right to disqualify any athlete as determined on a case-by-case basis.
  • Helmets ARE RECOMMENDED for all athletes.
  • Competitors must observe all rules and codes of conduct of the resort where they film.
  • Competitors must act in a professional manner and exercise good judgment.
  • Competitors will treat each other, promoters/organizers, sponsors and the general public with respect and courtesy.
  • No competitive member shall violate any local, regional or federal law while participating.
  • Competitors will refrain from use of abusive language or behavior.
  • Competitors must always observe the Skier Safety Code and slow skiing areas.
  • Competitors agree to complete all waivers and paperwork accurately.
  • Competitors will have personal insurance during all events entered.
  • Competitors will not slander sponsors in any way.