08th November Athlete Registration Opens
05th January Video Submission Window Open
16th March AMOS Submissions Due
17th March AMOS Public Voting Begins
26th March AMOS Public Voting Ends
27th March AMOS Judging
28th March AMOS Winner Selection


08th November Athlete Registration Opens
05th January Video Submission Window Open
16th March AMOS Submissions Due
17th March AMOS Public Voting Begins
26th March AMOS Public Voting Ends
27th March AMOS Judging
28th March AMOS Winner Selection


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Judging concludes, winners announced for the first all mountain digital competition

In The North Face’s ongoing search to uncover new and progressive outdoor talent, the company sought out alternatives to the traditional freestyle skiing and snowboarding competition structure. The All Mountain Open Series (AMOS) is a first of it’s kind digital platform where skiers and snowboarders submit a dream big mountain competition run, shot from anywhere in North America, Canada and Europe.

A panel of ski and snowboard industry professionals and judges met at Brighton Resort outside Salt Lake City, UT to view and score AMOS video submissions. AMOS is a part of The North Face’s Peak2Park Virtual Competition.

During finals, judges analyzed entries and assigned an overall impression score from 1-100. Video submissions were judged on line choice, trick difficulty, fluidity, style/control and energy.

The All Mountain Open Series introduced three grand prize filming opportunities. Each grand prize winner will be sent on an all expense paid trip to ski/board and film with The North Face athletes and includes travel, ground transportation, lift tickets (if applicable) and lodging. Thanks to CLIF Bar for partnering on the Mountain Maven Award, open to one female Peak2Park competitor who competed in either AMOS or the Park and Pipe Open Series (PPOS).


Grand Prize – SKI

We checked in with The North Face athlete Tom Wallisch at Seven Springs who is currently filming with the 2014, 2015 and 2016 PPOS Grand Prize winners. Wallisch was excited to announce Good Company’s choice for this year’s AMOS Grand Prize Winner—Florian Goeller (Whistler).

“Florian has a great video full of spinning both ways off backcountry jumps, big airs and gnarly lines. Think he’d be an awesome addition to a Good Company backcountry trip!”—Wallisch


Grand Prize – SNOWBOARD

Austin Smith checked in from Retallack, British Columbia to announce his pick for the AMOS Snowboard Grand Prize—Jared Elston (Mt.Bachelor).

“I’m a big fan of Jared’s snowboarding, he flows down the mountain with style and can read the terrain like a wise old man. It reminds me of watching Nicolas or Terje—but then I realize he is just an 18-year-old kid. Watching his edit made me want to go snowboarding and that’s what it is all about.”—Smith

CLIF Bar presents Mountain Maven Award

CLIF Bar and The North Face Athlete Hilaree O’Neill is excited to announce her choice for the Peak2Park Mountain Maven Award.

“Congratulations to Sydney Ricketts, you have been chosen as the 2017 Mountain Maven. Congratulations, you send in an awesome video and good luck!”—O’Neill


2017 The North Face All Mountain Open Series Results


1. Martin Campbell (Brundage) 1. Amanda Hankison (Brighton)
2. Dustin Eldridge (Silverton) 2. Mariah Dugan (Brighton)
3. Ben Peck (Mammoth) 3. Madison Blackley (Brighton)
1. Sawyer Thomas (Jackson Hole) 1. Sydney Ricketts (Alta)
2. Florian Goeller (Whistler) 2. Amy David (Alta)
3. Craig Murray (Chamonix) 3. Malou Pettersson (Are, Sweden)


1. Cole Richardson (Lake Louise)
2. Dylan Ladd (Winter Park)
3. George Madison (Sugarbush)


For full results, click HERE.

Peak2Park - AMOS Judging Round 3
AMOS Snowboard Judging Panel (From left to right) Judge 1: Chris Beresford, professional snowboarder and industry mogul, owner and founder of Dang Shades; Head Judge: Jared Winkler, Brighton Resort marketing director and owner of KAB rails; Judge 2: Trevor Brady, Four Horsemen sales rep and Brighton athlete; Judge 3: Tim Eddy, professional snowboarder based out of Lake Tahoe.

Men’s Snowboard

It’s no surprise that longtime Idaho big mountain ripper, Martin Campbell (Brundage) would lead scoring and win not only first place, but also the AMOS Snowboard Best Trick award for his cliff drop to back 7 mute. Dustin Eldridge’s (Silverton) high energy and creative line choice received much applause from the judges.


Women’s Snowboard

With half of the women’s snowboard category claiming Utah’s very own snowboard mecca—  Brighton Resort as their home mountain, it was no surprise that the top three ladies hail from the small resort with big access. Each of the top three contenders brought something the others were lacking. Where Madison Blackley (Brighton) had high energy and scored well for multiple 180’s and a backflip—Mariah Dugan (Brighton) held it down for creativity and overall trick difficulty, stomping a back 3 mute and front 3 indie. But, where Amanda Hankison (Brighton) fell short on trick difficulty, the 27 year-old led the pack scoring highest in line choice, fluidity, control and style.



Peak2Park - AMOS Judging Round 3
AMOS Ski Judging Panel (From left to right) Judge 1: Pep Fujas, freeski legend and co-founder of Nimbus Independent ; Judge 2: Michelle Manning, former freeski competitor and Freeskiing World Tour judge ; Head Judge: Max Kuszaj, IFSA judge; Judge 3 (not pictured): Ben Wheeler, former freeski competitor and Freeskiing World Tour judge

Men’s Ski

A wide variety of terrain, tricks and styles made judging the 20 men’s ski finalists a unique challenge. The top competitors all finished with close scores, throwing 12’s, double backflips and huge airs filmed around the globe. First Place Finisher Sawyer Thomas’ (Jackson Hole) run had it all—big mountain lines, solid tricks, and fluid style with no hesitations.

“He really encompasses everything and was creative from start to finish.”—Fujas.

“His double hand drag cork 3 was really creative and his best trick of the run.”—Kuszaj

Florian Goeller’s (Whistler) relaxed style stood out against his variety and difficulty of tricks. Docked points on energy, Goeller made up for it in trick difficulty and control.

He spins both ways, has solid grabs and is super smooth. I liked his nose butter switch 5 a lot, makes me want to go ski that really bad! He makes it all look easy.”—Kuszaj

Ian Hamilton (Alta) stomped a huge backcountry switch double misty 12 safety earning him the AMOS Ski Best Trick award.



Women’s Ski

Freeride World Tour Competitor Sydney Ricketts took time out of her busy tour schedule to put together a winning run, featuring steep, technical lines, solid terrain management and a good mix of linking turns to airtime.

“Ricketts made some really good, fast turns. You can tell she is a strong skier. She picked through some pretty hairy terrain.”—Fujas

“She had a really controlled turn, speed checking on some boney, technical, terrain. She was in full control of her skiing and remained fluid throughout. Good combo of point-of-view and outside shots.”—Manning


Men’s Junior Ski

Not only was 2016 Cole Richardson’s (Lake Louise) first season competing in the IFSA North American Champs—Richardson also won the 2016 Noram Champs in Whistler.
“He skis like he is much older than 15. He has good style and control. His run included a sick double drop, double backie and a big powdery pillow line.”—Wheeler



Specialty Awards – SKI
Grand Prize Florian Goeller (Whistler)
CLIF Bar Mountain Maven Sydney Ricketts (Alta)
CLIF Bar King of the Mountain Ian Hamilton (Alta) – Slopestyle and All Mountain
CLIF Bar Queen of the Mountain Sophia Schwartz (Steamboat Springs) – Big Air and All Mountain
Viewer’s Choice Award Alec Finke (Snowbird) – 681 Votes
Best GoPro Edit Jonnie Merrill (Grand Targhee/Snowbird/Revelstoke)
Best Trick Ian Hamilton (Alta) – switch double misty 12 safety
Team Scholarship Award Winter Park
Specialty Awards – SNOWBOARD
Grand Prize Jared Elston (Mt. Bachelor)
Viewer’s Choice Award Kyle Skutch (Mt. Hood Meadows) – 1082 votes
Best GoPro Edit Jenna Dramise (Sierra at Tahoe)
Best Trick Martin Campbell (Brundage) – backside 720 mute


For full results, click HERE.